Best Memory 2011


2011 finally come to the end.

banyak yang manis .. banyak juga yang pahit.
bersyukur DIA kurniakan semua yang terbaik dalam hidup.

ringkasnya.. My Best Memory of 2011 :

#BestMemoryof2011 Januari - Red Stiletto Treasure Hunt to Desaru..
takdalah manis sangat sbb langsung tak menang hadiah..
tapi best moment sebab ini event terakhir dgn BFF in SDI.. Aeman and Amira.

#BestMemoryof2011 Februari - Family trip to Seoul, Korea..
we were there for cousin's graduation.. cum family holiday.
the trip was a turning point that brought me back to my father's siblings and my cousins..
this really made 2011 as the most  wonderful year i ever had.
also marked as my 1st trip to oversea with family.

#BestMemoryof2011 March - 1st cousin getting married!
extremely happy met all the family members during the kenduri.
currently they are expecting for a baby in coming 2012.. congrats Mie dan Anun..
erk, next year akan jadi aunt la kan? sob sob.. dah tua rupanya.

#BestMemoryof2011 April - My BFF, Aeman marrying her university BFF.
finally, they got married! haha, dari universiti tgk diorang together..
and the best part was meeting all KKDKians friends at the wedding.

#BestMemoryof2011 May - USS Company Trip and BFF Wedding!
joined SDI company trip to Universal Studio Singapore.. never blog about this.
haha, xtau kenapa.. busy sesangat masa tu.. dah lama, so malas nak update.
and Lisa's wedding... with all the dramas during the ceremony..
but still, being the witness to her solemnization and reception make me happy.

#BestMemoryof2011 June - being certified to 6 Sigma Green Belt and Farewell Kuantan!
manage to completed the 6 Sigma training and being certified.
walaupun siapkan projek dalam kekalutan kerja dan keluarga..
also, a goodbye to Kuantan.. after 16 months serving Parts Operations Kuantan
being transferred back to HQ.. sedih nak tinggalkan Kuantan..
tapi gembira jugak sebab back to where i belong.. hehe.

#BestMemoryof2011 July - ommo, jumpa dia.. Zahiril Adzim di Party Costume TAAP.
met him and fiance, Shera Aiyob.. hampir luruh jantung..
haha.. crush into him after read his blog and watched his dramas..
the real intelligent actor that i respect most in Malaysia.

get his signatures on his book.. Bogel Menuju Tuhan

#BestMemoryof2011 August - officially registered as EMBA student.
all the hard work siapkan esei and kelam kabut isi form and post, berbaloi..
akhirnya, impian yang tersimpan sejak 2008 hampir berjaya ditunaikan
part of the dream is to completed the course excellently.

seronok dapat kawan baru.. :)

#BestMemoryof2011 September - attending EMBA Induction @ Morib.
berjaya pecahkan ais dengan rakan2 baru aka classmates.
the best part was dah berjaya realisasikan 3 daripada list of things to do..
paintball, high rope and flying fox!

#BestMemoryof2011 October - Melaka trip with siblings, cousin, aunt and uncle..
never do this before.. misi jalan2 cari makan..
asam pedas, coconut shake klebang and ikan bakar umbai.. phew!
and we were getting closer..
kind of reminiscing memories we had in Seoul..

#BestMemoryof2011 November - my 26th birthday and BFF wedding.
wonderful day i had on 20112011..
my 26th birthday that i waited so long.. *though nothing special happened to me*
and my BFF, Ijan Tahir's solemnization and wedding day..
day trip to Kluang with partners in crime...
witnessing her solemnization and being her bridesmaid.. :)
and... Zahiril and Shera 's wedding on the same day.. :(

#BestMemoryof2011 December - watched movie with mum and family outing..
1st time ever i watched a movie with mum at cinema.. Ombak Rindu..
also family outing with mum, aunt, cousins and siblings..
things i will treasure forever!

  there's also a long list of memories that left a big impact to my life..
but i refused to write here..
let me keep that to myself and take the lesson as a guidance for better future.

and 2011 witnessing my 'keterjebakan' into Korean wave..
it's because of.. HIM!

can i have him on my 27th birthday? *dreaming*

well said,
terima kasih 2011 untuk proses pembelajaran dan kedewasaan..
syukur ALLAH takdirkan semua proses kehidupan ini buatku..
semoga 2012 lebih manis buat saya dan kita semua.

Fighting Naddy!

p/s : look forward for amazing and challenging 2012..

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Di Sebalik 20111985


my EMBA classmate..
belajar macam mana nak baca personaliti dari tarikh lahir.
guna konsep metafizik..

dah lama dah tau dia boleh baca..
tapi macam segan la nak minta dia tengokkan my personaliti
tapi after dia present pasal Talent Management..
and salah satu recommendation dia guna personaliti utk selection
terus rasa nak mintak dia tengokkan.. hehe..
just for fun! 

my results from DOB
the minute he saw the numbers, he said
"Masya ALLAH budak ni.."
terus gelabah dan takut.. hah? apakah?

quite surprise dgn result..
some tu memang realize, perangai diri sendiri..
tapi ada jugak yg make me macam..
WHAT?? dont think so..
tapi groupmate cakap memang betul pun..
they saw that during our group discussion.. haha.
terus macam boleh faham kenapa nervous macam nak nangis before present that day.

lagi satu terkejut bila tau i'm an analyzer..
bila masa ntah tau menganalisis..
oh, mungkin jugak.. me sgt menganalisis manusia.. haha.
so, faham2 la eh kenapa payah benar nak berteman..

the rest as expected.. i'm a planner and love to share..
that's why i have blog and active on twitter..
besides, for my Seoul trip on Feb 2011, i planned since Sept 2010.
and i get frustrated if my plan doesn't go well..

anyone want to add in?
what do you think of me?

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof



lama xda gambar sweetheart kita!

sebab lama sangat tak jumpa dia.. 

that day masa hantar umi and adik2 to SU Da's house,

terus kidnap dia dan bermanja2...

here it is budak nakal yang dah besar dah.. Arysha Hadhirah.

pose and expression tak pernah berubah.. haha.. Love You sayang!

tahun depan dah tadika..
jangan cepat sgt membesar sayang..
mummy belum puas nak gomol dan manja2..

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Family Outing


mum and youngest brother were in Shah Alam two weeks ago..
they were here to fetch my youngest sister, Adik, at UKM Bangi..
she was in Bangi for three weeks for
Kem Perkhemahan Permata Pintas..
her 3rd year in the program..

Abah not joining them due to work..
he cant leave the office, so mum and Heri came by bus.

they came on Saturday.. reached at 6pm..
after class, i went to Cik Pah's house to meet them..
had dinner and long chat there..

after class on Sunday, they text me to go to Cik Pah's house again..
umi and Heri stayed at Cik's house.. 
my cousin said, they bought Ombak Rindu movie tickets online
for 9 of us... waaaaahhh..
i watched the movie with my classmates a week before..
momantai.. i can watch again..
some more.. watch movie with mum??
my 1st time kut! haha...
yeap, we never go to movie with mum..
in fact, this is the first time mum watch movie after married..
masa dia zaman remaja dulu lain cerita la..
dah kawen, stay kat Kelantan.. where got cinema in Kelantan?

9 of us..
Cik Pah and kids.. Ira, Ika and Zaid..
Umi and kids.. Gee, Uyu, Heri and me..

after movie, mum went shopping.. bought a handbag.
oh my, i just gave her a handbag during raya.
and now new handbag again??
she said for new semester of school.. 
oh my, cikgu2 memang mcm ni eh?
nak mula penggal baru perlu beli semua baru... *pengsan*
nasib baik tak jadi cikgu!

then we had pizza for dinner!
yeayyy... tq Gee Yusof for the treat..
my brother from Bangi join us for dinner..
he came all the way from Bangi.. and reach Bukit Raja when we were in cinema hall.

umi and kids... cik pah and kids.. thanks cik for the movie ticket.. and lastly, all of us!

all of us!!

we had so much fun!

a memorable moment though!

next day is Selangor public holiday..
i brought mum to Sogo as she wanted to buy shoes..
it's worth the traffic jam.. she bought 4 pair of shoes.. haha
and belanja me a pair of shoe too... haha.. love u mum!

then off to Bangi to fetch Adik before send three of them to Sue Da's house.
Sue sent mum and siblings to bus station that night..

so happy having family outing like this..
it's getting difficult to get together with mum's siblings nowadays.
they were busy building their family..

thanks Cik Pah for the movie ticket and Gee Yusof for the pizza!

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Pressure Drives Me CRAZY


happy holiday readers!
phewww... thanks December for having many public holidays..
baru terasa ada hujung minggu.. :)

semalam, kelas was started at 9am to 6pm.
did i post here i have a journal write up to submit and a presentation on 23rd?
phewwwww! it was crazy nak siapkan both.
i took leave on Thursday..
so Rabu malam stayed up till late night 
reading and understanding a journal titled
The Determinants and Performance Effects of 
Manager's Performance Evaluation Biases.
tajuk je pun dah seram..
kinda tricky sebab play with subjective subject which is Biases.
dah faham, letak tepi the journal... will prepare the slides later.

back to journal write up..
i read up to 20 journals before i can start the write up..
erk, i was not doing thesis for my master.
it just an assignment.. expressing my thoughts and opinions on
Talent Management in Small Medium Enterprise in Malaysia.
hah, sekarang faham why i looked for HR practitioner from SME industries in previous post?

the topic sound interesting.. yup, really interesting..
but the content? walaweeeehhh!
research on HR practice in SME is not broad..
apa lagi utk talent management?? some more in Malaysia?
oh man... SME in Malaysia memang betul2 small and medium!
walaupun SME antara penyumbang terbesar ekonomi negara,
tapi tahap kesedaran SME's employer tentang HR sgt amat rendah.

i start my writing at 9 am and end at 12pm..
with no lunch.. only took dinner, ate Nasi Ayam my sister bought.  
with the time i spent, i manage to write up to 12 pages 
and minimum requirement from our beloved lecturer is 15 pages!
another 3 pages to go.. and i already exhausted.

Jumaat pagi masuk office and siapkan semua kerja-kerja penting.
time tu lah pulak GM pun nak discuss macam2, nak tanya macam2,
nak query macam2, nak analisis macam2..
he said he want to discuss something with me in the afternoon..
sorry boss, i'm taking half day..
and he sighed.. haha.. so cute!

siapkan semua yang patut disiapkan sebelum pulang.
about 1.45pm left the office to continue my struggle..
i have to finish the write up before night..
because i have to prepare my slide and what to say during presentation next day.
manage to finish the write up at 7pm..
and continue to list down all the references using APA system by 9pm.
OMG, my head almost crack!

refreshed my body and had dinner..
sambung buat slide and prepare my so called presentation speech.
haha.. was very nervous!
this is my 1st individual presentation after 3 years plus.
the feeling macam masa i present my final year project..haha.
at 1pm, i prepare for the class..
bag and books, clothes, and most important thing,
make sure that the write being saved in thumb drive..
before class, akan ambil my sister at Kolej Mawar UITM
and she has to help me print the assignment.

masa baring di katil, purposely went through FB and Twitter timeline..
saw a post from a friend at EMBA B group saying she cant find issues from journal
to be highlighted during the presentation..
WHAT?? did i interpret wrongly?
then only i realize, i should not highlighted the issue from the journal..
only to summarize the issue..
and come out with my own issue from the issue raised in the journal.
oh man!!! i need to amend my slides.
with the exhausted brain, i cant think of any issue to argue the journal.
decided to sleep and wake up early in the morning.
woke up at 6.30 pm and re-read the journal..
frozen mind cant think of any issue to raise..
get ready for class and continue to think of the issues in class..
luckily we have presentations the whole day and my turn take place after lunch.

manage to come out with the issues and conclusion by 10.30am..
luckily, recommendation tu masih suitable walaupun tukar issue..
phew!! the real last minute things i ever did.
masa Management Trainee dulu selalu je kena macam ni..
tapi that was fair to everyone.. maksudnya, assessor faham kita buat on the spot.
di beri tajuk and kena siapkan in 1 hour then present.. 
boleh budget la apa outcome.

ini tajuk dah diberi seminggu.. tapi last minute baru dapat fikir.. 
save the slides in thumb drive and pass to my sister to print..
prof nak hardcopy.. together with the journal.
then continue prepare for what to say during presentation..
at the same time listening to all the presentations from classmates.

listening to 10 presentations from 9pm to 6pm

sepanjang sebelum presentation tu i was nervous like crazy!!!
tangan sangat sejuk, jantung pam dgn sgt laju..
dan sakit di chest... diafragma macam menekan yg sgt amat.
tak faham kenapa.. took a deep breath, but still masih sakit.
seriously, i feel like crying.. tapi segan la nanti mata sembab, suara shaky.
makan tengah hari pun tak selera... hahaha.. teruk kan!

stressful me!

here come my presentation part.
berjalan ke depan confidently.. take a deep breath..
and start with Assalamualaikum..
and everything went smoothly..
there were part i lost my word.. cepat2 grab cue paper and read..
haha.. who cares.. as long as i tak nampak bodoh tak tau nak cakap apa kat depan.
and yes, i prefer to read cue paper instead of slides..
my slide memang ringkas seringkasnya
sebab i prefer to explain in my own words..
*the importance of understand the subject*
syukur, prof sgt positif dgn my presentation points!
and classmates pun xtanya banyak..
ada few questions being asked and i manage to answer excellently. haha..
"proud of myself"

seriously! rasa lega sgt amat!
so i pat my back and smile till i go to sleep!
rewarding my hard work with Tutti Frutti.. yummy!
i think i work well under pressure..
cuma i perlukan sokongan dari mereka sekeliling bila dah sgt penat.
syukur, rakan2 tak putus bagi semangat dan panduan..
and we shared the happiness finishing the presentation and 1st assignment at TF.

thanks kawan2 utk sokongan saat ku lemah dan panduan saat ku hilang arah

and now, back to 2nd write up plus group assignment + presentation!

p/s : counting days to completed HRM module.. 2 weeks to go! phew..

peneman hari kami yang panjang.. Coffee sponsored by BonCafe!

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Sesekali Amukan


hari ini agak amukan pagi tadi..

me tgh stress gila dgn deadline kerja and study..
kerja need to submit by Friday 23rd..
yang study ni... 24th tu nak kena submit journal write up and ada presentation..

sekarang korang cerita mcm mana nak balance kan both??

since memang xsempat nak buat kerja sekolah waktu malam semata,
terpaksalah guna cuti yg dah carry forward next year..
so tadi pergilah tanya lepas je si secretary boss yang pergi mengular sampai 2 jam..
katanya nak gi check tayar kereta dia cepat flat walaupun baru pam angin..
heh, bukan ke kalau check bubble tu 30 min dah siap?
ni sampai 2 jam.. 
takpela makcik ooiii, dah GM and Manager dua2 cuti kan..
silalah bermaharaja lela..
time aku nak gi service kereta, reti kau bising,
padahal aku dah mintak permission dgn Manager siap2.. 
cuma nak inform je, karang kau cakap aku mengular keluar lunch awal.

dia balik jer dari bengkel (katanya ke bengkel kereta la kan)
terus pi tanya nak mintak cuti..
my bad, gedik gi tanya buat apa..
mintak je la kad cuti and isi borang..
dah tak pasal2, dia kata tak boleh cuti.. boss takde.

eh eh, apahal nak buat cerita dgn aku ni..
boss cuti sampai esok je.. rabu dah masuk..
aku nak cuti rabu atau khamis..
dah dia tuduh aku suka amek emergency leave..
nak hantar adik lah, mak datang lah..
hah tuduh2 ni... mulalah aku naik angin.
apa masalah aku amek cuti? aku entitled for 22 days per year..
bukan aku curi cuti tahun depan.
bukan aku pergi cuti tipu2..
lagi satu, celah mana aku amek emergency leave?
memang la aku tak plan berbulan nak amek cuti..
tapi aku hantar application 3 hari sblm kut!
dah namanya planned leave kena apply 3 days before..
kalau kata aku call on the day itself cakap cuti, itu baru namanya emergency..

dia berkeras gak tak bagi aku apply..
katanya nanti boss tanya, cmana ofis smooth ke tak..
eh minachi, aku bukan nak gi cuti time boss takde..
dah hangin, terus aku cakap aku akan mintak cuti dgn boss personally..
isi borang jumpa boss on rabu ni.. senang cerita..
boss tak kecoh kau yang kecoh!
aku mintak cuti cara halal kau bising..
kalau aku gi amek MC tipu kau nak kata apa pulak?
kalau aku buat assignments tu time kerja, kau nak komplen apa pulak?
aku bukan bangsa curi masa utk buat benda lain..
kalau dah dibayar utk 8 jam sehari buat kerja ofis tu, aku kerja la..
tapi dah aku layak utk guna cuti yang diberi, apahal kau nak halang2 pulak.
nada dah kira menjawab la.. aku tgh stress, dia nak tambah angin lak..
alih2 petang tadi, datang tempat aku bagi kad cuti..
heh, terus rasa simpati la pulak tertengking dia tadi..
tapi wat derk je la. malas nak layan..

ni bukan 1st time aku menjawab dgn secretary boss ni..
abes, dah bossy dari boss.. bercakap asyik nak menengking je..
aku tengking la balik..
awal2 dulu memang la baik lagi tak menjawab.. 
lama2, siapa tahan oiii.. 
aku tanya baik2, jawab la baik2.. kau nak tengking apasal.

hari tu aku siap menjawab dgn dia depan boss.. dua2 boss.. GM and Manager.
abes, suka suki dia kata eksekutif buat kerja separuh jalan.. 
cakap suara kuat satu dept dengar.. harusla aku menjawab dgn kuat jugak.
banyak cekadak kau eh.. aku buatkan kerja kau, kau boleh cakap camtu.
sebelum aku dtg dept tu, memang dia buat report tu..
ok, patutnya Manager.. tapi sebab Manager cuma sign, kenala orang lain buat.
masa mula2 masuk tu, dia pass kerja tu. okla, me terima sebab kira mcm assist Manager.
pastu bila me print, si secretary ni kata alignment lari la, itu la..
so, since that me cuma prepare report and email softcopy to her..
kau align la sendiri cmana kau nak.. pastu anta boss sign..
alih2, hari tu boleh dia buat drama cakap aku buat kerja tak habis..
kenapa tak print and letak atas meja Manager utk sign..
kebetulan time tu aku tengah sakit tekak, takda mood..
memang menjawab betul2 depan bosses..
siap cakap 'Fine' lagi! kira express betul2 perasaan bengang tu.. 
memang bengang gilak!
kalau dia cakap baik2 rasanya boleh control lagi kut..
ni tahap suara kemain tinggi ala2 menengking.. aku pun boleh tengking!
lepas me menjawab, reti dia datang to my cubical senyum2..eh2 minah ni!

myself jenis yang suka manja2 dgn orang yg lagi tua.. esp perempuan..
lagi2 yg jenis melayan manja.. 
so, subordinates kenal me jenis yg bercakap baik2, suara slow je..
satu hari, time both bosses takda me gi tanya the secretary pasal satu monthly report
yang GM request me to analyze and come out dgn summary.
he asked me to get the report from the secretary.
me tanya elok2.. tetiba dia meninggi suara suruh amek kat shared folder..
eh2.. suara dia je tinggi? ni meh nak tunjuk tinggi mana me boleh pergi...
"kalau report tu ada kat shared folder takdelah i mintak dgn u"
suara kemain tinggi.. suasana tgh hening..
terus suara the secretary jadi rendah.. "yes ah? what report u want?"
reti pulak kau cakap elok2.. yang kau terus menengkin bagai tu apahal?
kau ingat aku takut?
dapat je report tu dari dia, terus blah..
kakak yang selalu me manja2 terus datang ke cubical tanya kenapa..
muahahahha.. dia terperanjat tiba2 me meninggi suara..
ye, tu 1st time me menjawab dgn nada marah kut..
selalu menjawab dgn sinis2 sambil gelak2 manja gitu..

kadang2 kita tgh tense, orang tmbah ketensionan.. 
harusla bagi lepas sikit..
sedaya upaya me cuba kawal.. tak suka hilang mood kat ofis.
tapi sesekali terlepas jugak.. nak buat macam mana..
orang mula dulu, me cuma ikut rentak..
bila dia tone down, me akan tone down jugak..
sekurang2nya, takdela kena buli sangat..
walaupun i eksekutif muda pengalaman tak sebanyak u, jangan ingat i tak tau apa2..
kalau dah pandai sangat, buat la semua tu..

and pls, jangan nak masuk campur kerja i...
dont mess with me.. i will mess you even more!

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

HR Practitioner in SME Industries

Salam dear lovely readers!

Nak mintak tolong sikit..
Ada tak siapa2 kat sini yang kerja di SME Industries?
Small Medium Enterprise..
Lebih afdal kalau HR practitioner.
Sangat amat perlukan bantuan skrg.
Sangat URGENT!

Tolong eh.. Kalau kenal siapa2 kerja kat SME industries pun, tolong tinggalkan komen kat entri ni. Nanti saya contact.

Terima kasih korang!

Sayang muahhhh muahhhh!

Love, dYA.kAMiL

5 Weeks of Battle..


dah sesak nafas.. hampir pitam.

hari ni mula subjek baru..
Human Resource Management..
excited.. sbb nanti dapat belajar banyak perkara pasal HR
penting ni.. utk lebih tahu apa hak kita sebagai pekerja..

1 jam pertama...
telah disogokkan dgn apa yg perlu dibuat utk 100% marks for this subject..
2 individual assignments..
1 individual case study presentation
1 group presentation and projects..
2 tests..

semuanya harus disempurnakan dalam masa 5 minggu!

dengan individual assignment mestilah mengikut format tesis.
case study mestilah dgn solid justification.

terus rasa nak pengsan.
tekanan tu meresap masuk dalam badan perlahan2..
dalam masa 2 minggu ni..
 i need to prepare for 1st individual assignment, case study presentation and Test 1.
habis 2 minggu..
need to prepare for 2nd individual assignment, group assignment and Test 2.
rasa macam nak amek unpaid leave..
duduk bertapa menyiapkan segala kerja..

Prof siap bagitau.. mcm mana dia akan bagi markah..
and it is like, u have been shot before you start the battle.
seriously strict gila!

ada dengar cerita dari senior,
last sem 7 orang gagal subjek ni..
oh man, rasa hati dah terhempas ke bumi.
terus rasa demotivated nak teruskan subjek ni..

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Because We're Friends


i made mistake once..
fallin' in love with a friend..
ended up, half dead endure the pain

i learned the lesson.

this song just remind me to the memories we had.

i'm crazy over this song.
over LSG too..

p/s : tgh update entry ni, suddenly lagu ni keluar at KBS.. ommo!

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Hadiah Birthday Sempena Pecah Rumah


Salam Maal Hijrah buat semua..

ehem.. ehem..
live dari lappy dan broadband baru. hihi.
baru beberapa jam menjadi hak milik..
teruja nak godek apa yang menarik..

padahal amek yang basic je..
sama je macam laptop dulu.
tapi rasa excited sebab mcm dah lamaaaaaa gila x update blog.

kalau x kerana sambung belajar,
rasanya memang lupakan saja niat utk beli dalam masa terdekat.
tapi sebab dah bergelar pelajar, terpaksalah ada sebijik.
hari tu masa buat group assignment pun agak menggelupur xda laptop.
susah weh nak carik bahan and prepare slide..

masa hari rumah kena pecah tu, cakap ngan umi payahla lepas ni xda laptop.
susah nak buat assignment and study for exam.
laptop my sis tu memang payah ler nak dapat peluang guna..
asek la dia duk mengadap layan youtube, Korea video bagai..

elok je umi wish happy birthday, terus tanya taknak bagi hadiah hari jadi kah.
i takda laptop nak buat assignment ni
hakhak.. memang muka tak malu.
umi memang tak pernah bagi adiah besday utk mana2 anak pun..
dari kecik sampai besar memang gitu.. 
tapi kali ni umi cakap "ok, pergilah beli laptop.. umi belanja.."
hihi.. terus happy! 
saja je gedik tanya, kut2 dapat.
kalau xdapat pun, mmg redha je la kan swipe kad keras.
dah umi kata OK, rezeki jgn ditolak.
*matikla adik2 tau umi belanja laptop lagi.. 
sebab umi akan belikan sorang sebiji masa belajar saja..
ni dah kali ke 2 ni...takpe dik, ni utk belajar jugak.. :) *

since my birthday, kerap umi tanya dah beli ke belum..
hihi, takut kita over budget dia lettew!

so, hari ni pergi usha dan terus beli.. ingat nak beli DELL, 
tapi kat Subang Parade takda DELL yang 10inch.
semua yang laptop biasa tu..
i tak suka yang besar2 ni.. nak yang tecik tomey ja.
senang nak angkut gi kelas.
lagipun bukan usage RAM yang melampau pun..
setakat nak guna Microsoft Office and Internet je..
movie leh masuk thumb drive and tgk kat TV.
laptop hari tu pun 10inch jugak.. more than enough.

tadi ada 3 options.
Toshiba, Asus atau Samsung.
masa belajar dulu dah pernah guna Asus 14inch.
okla, not bad..bertahan till 5 tahun jugak dgn penggunaan lasak.
lepas dah kerja and Asus tu kiok, beli Lenovo 10inch.
itu kira hadiah bonus pertama utk diri sendiri.
memang guna light2 je.. assignment and office work kalau outstation.
internet je la kalau nak lasak sikit. itupun blogging je.
akhirnya utk laptop ke3 pilih Samsung.
my friend recommend this brand.
bolehla cuba.. harap2 mampu bertahan lama.

next year mungkin akan lasak sikit sebab kena buat mcm projek..
Applied Business Research (ABR).. master version of FYP.
hope Sammy can cope..
(gediks ok Lenovo dulu nama Lenny)

masa Lenny kena curi tu, broadband ada kat USB port Lenny tu..
maka, telah diambil secara pakej - laptop, charger and broadband.
terpaksala terminate account lama and register account baru for broadband.
ada la terfikir nak amek Unifi.. tapi fikir balik, nnt payah lak kalau mobile kan..
so back to pakej broadband lama, Celcom Basic - RM68 per month.
tadi telah selesaikan semuanya.. so in total.. semua mum belanja!

thank you so much dearest umi!

next year kaklong up bonus utk umi k.. *kalau ada*..

now, back to tujuan asal beli laptop.. ASSIGNMENT!

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof



masih trauma dan hidup dalam ketakutan.

hari terakhir pada usia 25 tahun,
diuji dan diduga dgn pengalaman yang tak pernah dibayangkan..
rumah yang tinggal berdua dgn adik, di pecah masuk.
dan telah kehilangan laptop kesayangan..
syukur tak diapa-apakan.

pencuri tu mungkin masuk dari verandah..
sebab sliding door terbuka..

sebaik selesai update entri Badai Semalam jam 2 pagi,
letak saja laptop atas meja berhampiran sliding door.
me and adik masuk masuk tidur dalam bilik.
kawan adik tidur di sofa bersebelahan laptop dan 2 henfonnya..
sedar jam 6 pagi, both handphone and laptop gone..
and realize sliding door terbuka tanpa sebarang kesan umpil..

sangat-sangat menakutkan.
tak pernah berhadapan pengalaman sebegini.
report to management and police..
pasti, barang2 tu memang xkan dapat balik..
cuma memikirkan keselamatan diri kami,
sebab tu buat laporan polis.

sekarang, security measure diperketatkan..
grill kunci dgn padlock.. langsir tutup 24/7

for me, i take this as reminder from HIM.
selama ni kami tak kisah sangat dgn security rumah..
sebab stay at apartment..
walaupun ground floor, tapi kawasan cerun xmemungkinkan orang nak panjat..
plus, memang xboleh panjat.. kecuali terjun dari tingkat atas.
sekarang, kami lebih berhati-hati.
dan lebih berwaspada dgn sebarang bunyi.
selama ni ambil ringan je semua tu.. :(

terpaksa beli laptop baru.. bergelar pelajar sgt perlukan itu.
kalau bukan student rasanya dah tak beli kut..
sob sob..

ALLAH, pelihara kami dalam rahmat dan kasihMU
lindungi kami dari segala kejahatan dan dendam duniawi..

p/s : update dari lappy sister..

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

20th November 2011


it's 20.11.2011

a very nice date, huh?
i've been waiting for today many years ago.

i turned 26 today..

few years back..
i dreamt of my wedding day on 20.11.2011..
ALLAH has better plan for me..
today my BFF having her solemnization and wedding reception at Kluang
so happy for her..
i think that's what BFF meant for..
when I cant achieve my dream, she did for me..
thus, 20th Nov in every year will mark a special day for both of us!
Congratulations on the wedding, Ijan Tahir.. love you much!
though tak tercapai impian naik pelamin, tapi dapat 'naik pelamin' juga
gara-gara menjadi bridesmaid to Ijan Tahir.... hihi
thanks for sharing the moment with me darling..
so happy to see you being 'halal' to ur sweetheart.
and ur smile make me jealous!
so i smile to share your happiness.. :)

other than Ijan,
my so called dream guy.. ahaha Zahiril Adzim getting married to Shera Aiyob today.
so lucky Shera to have that talented, charismatic, loving and sweet man.
but hey friends (who make joke of this wedding to make me sad),
im okay with it! happy for them..
crush sahaja ya, tiada niat utk memiliki..
sengaja melayan karenah kalian yang cuba mengenakan aku..

million thanks to all families and friends yang mendoakan baik2 sahaja utk diri ini..
seperti tahun2 lalu, doa itu di'carry forward'kan lagi..
ya, terima kasih tak terhingga utk doa panjang umur, murah rezeki, diberkatiNYA
dan semoga cepat bertemu jodoh.
doa kalian sangat dihargai..
soal jodoh, ajal dan maut bukan di tangan kita..
semoga DIA mendengar doa kalian dan permudahkan segalanya.

permulaan usia 26 sangat indah.
semoga keindahan dan kemanisan hari ini..
berkekalan untuk hari-hari seterusnya.. 364 hari yang akan datang.

p/s : tetap terasa bagai di usia 24.. :)

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Badai Semalam


seperti dijanjikan di Twitter..
*eh, siapa follow kita kat Twitter? jangan lupa say hi*
 nak update cerita Badai Semalam ni secepat mungkin..

korang baca entri ni pun tiket dah habes.. 
sold out sebelum 1st show lagi baybeh.. *kagum*
naseb baik dah beli tiket after tgk SLoN hari tu..
sbb si Adi tu macam nak tak nak je pergi..
sedangkan tiket makin kurang neyh
laju2 book sendiri.. cuma check hari apa dia free je utk pergi..

Badai Semalam dipersembahkan sempena Bulan Bahasa
bermula 11 Nov sehingga 20 Nov di Istana Budaya.
teater ni di angkat dari novel Badai Semalam karya Khadijah Hashim.
rasa-rasanya pernah baca novel ni, tapi ingat tak ingat camtu..
so masuk Panggung Sari dgn no expectation.

main cast : Jasmine Hamid, Emelda Rosmila, Ziela Jalil, Aaron Aziz, Erra Fazira, Fizz Fairuz, DP Umie Aida dan *tak kenal*

luar IB hujan, dalam Panggung Sari pun hujan.. nampak tak hujan rintik2 tu?
macam biasa before the show, haruslah melepak di lobi sambil tgk orang..
utk teater ni, deco tak best sgt.
ada paperboard all the main casts and poster je..

kali ni amek ticket kat stall.. murahan okeyh!
dari kau membazir RM 33 nampak jauh2 camtu je,
baik amek RM 53, dapat stall bahagian depan.
ticket paling mahal pun around RM 200 kut..
teater2 lain, jaranglah nak dapat semurah ni..
ada sekali, masa Siti Di Alam Fantasi, RM 53 utk Grand Circle.
tapi kalau stall tu murahan, tak payah ler nak memilih Grand Circle.
view kat stall ni lagi terbaik!

hey Karim.. i'm not into you! i'm into Zaki.
rata-rata penonton ialah perempuan.. 
kebanyakannya pelajar universiti sehinggalah para ibu yang dewasa dgn novel BS ni.
me? both not.. cuma penggemar teater sajo.
lelaki tak ramai, tapi boleh tahan la.. pakcik2 pun ada.

Badai Semalam ni mengisahkan tentang cinta, cita-cita dan pengorbanan Mazni dalam hidupnya.
ibunya (Ziela Jalil, the birthday girl on 14th Nov.. Scorpio, yeay!) adalah pembantu rumah
di rumah Puan Rohana (Umie Aida) dan En Haris (tak kenal siapa).
Rohana & Haris ni parents Karim si Aaron Aziz tu..
Karim ni stok playboy paling hot kat Tanjung Puteri tu..
Mazni (Erra Fazira) dan ibunya yang sakit tu tinggal kat rumah Puan Rohana.
kat sekolah, Mazni ni baik dgn Zaki (Fizz Fairuz) yang ada hati kat Mazni..
Emelda Rosmila jadi Mahani, si tukang kepoh dan pembawa watak antagonis
yang suka bawak mulut and jadi batu api.

eh, panjang pulak kalau nak cerita.. korang pergila beli novel BS tu.
malas nak story panjang2.. karang jadi blog sastera.. hehe.

celebrate birthday Puan Ziela Jalil
walaupun cerita ni ada nyanyi2 dan tarian, tapi ia bukan teater muzikal..
purely naskhah sastera.. pergh, skrip and mood memang sgt 70's

jalan cerita memang bikin nangis!
boleh rasa keperitan hidup Mazni dalam mencapai cita-cita dan cintanya.
setiap pengorbanan yang dia lakukan, buat kita terfikir apa je lah dugaan kita utk berjaya.
dia tempuh macam2 hanya utk dapat segulung ijazah seperti janjinya pada ibu.

watak utama teater ni ialah Mazni.
tak pernah tgk Erra Fazira on stage walaupun dia dah few times berlakon teater.
wa tak layan beb teater biografi ahli politik ni..
sebab 1st time tgk dia on stage, she's quite comfortable with the stage.
lagipun watak menangis2 ni kan memang makanan dia..
soul was there,and i can feel her pain.. so painful!

first timer macam Aaron Aziz on stage?
terus terang.. dia langsung takda scene yang nyanyi!
cuma adalah part menari disko.. itu pun alahai, coet je!
tak jauh manapun cara dia bawak watak Karim dgn watak Seth Tan dlm Nora Elena.
cuma tak seromantik ST lah, Karim ni stok pemarah dan panas baran.
i'm not a big fan of AA, so i rasa dia sgt biasa..
walaupun semua penonton menjerit meroyan setiap kali scene dia

Fizz Fairuz did well walaupun tak sihat..
boleh nampak dia sangat tak sihat..
tapi dia menyanyi dan menari.. chomeyl!
tak pasti dia nyanyi live or miming...
tapi suara tu memang dia punya.. takdala sedap sgt.. just nice utk teater je lah.
and this is not his first time dalam teater..

DP Umie Aida as Puan Rohana peranan penting dalam teater ni..
part of penggerak cerita.. tapi lakonan DP tak bagi impak sgt.
biasa2 je.. i like her in Natrah!

ketawa paling gamat dan watak paling menggeramkan ialah Mahani lakonan Emelda Rosmila..
owh man, lakonannya sangat berkesan.. and she was awesome!

another cast is Jasmin Hamid yang bawak watak Dora..
penari kelab malam "Happy World" yang layan Karim everytime Karim pergi kelab tu..
scene dia 2 je.. tapi perghhhhhh.. para jejaka.. pergh... very 18SX

part menyanyi boleh tahan jugak la.. takda la bercakap je.. ada nyanyi2.
yang menyanyi hanyalah Fizz Fairuz & Erra Fazira & ensemble..
Jasmin Hamid ada 1 lagu.. geli betul lagu tu.
siap beli CD sebab lagu2 nya berbeza skor muzik berbanding those musical theater sebelum ni.
lirik pun .. fuhh mengusik jiwa..

props sangat banyak.. tapi kena dgn jalan cerita..
ada dari bawah, atas, belakang, kiri dan kanan stage..
siap ada keretapi, kereta cooper, port lepak tepi pantai, hospital etc..

secara keseluruhannya, jatuh cinta dgn naskhah sastera ini..

habis show, terus buru2 keluar...
alang2 dah beli CD masa intermission tu, plan nak beratur ler jumpa the casts.
umang aih, panjang kemain okeyh.. tak kuasa nak layan..
semua nak jumpa Aaron Aziz.. erk, kuasalah mak nak beratur..
cuma menunggu diorang keluar mcm biasa utk amek gambar je..
bersesak-sesak dgn AaronLovers & FizzCrew, ini je terdaya snap.

all casts

nah AA korang!

Fizz aka Zaki.. kita suka Zaki..dia buat kita rindu seseorang yang selalu bagi semangat time nak exam dulu..

Puan Rohana dan Cik Mahani.. DP Umie Aida & Emelda Rosmila

nah Aaron Aziz lagi..

hensemla jugakk in person

Mazni the superwoman.. Erra Fazira

dia follow kita kat Twitter.. hehe.. awakpun follow lah jugak.. @dyakamil

udah2 la tu Aaron oiiii..

nah Dora si 18SX.. Jasmin Hamid.

sesungguhnya sangat puas hati tengok teater ni..
walaupun ketenteraman diganggu dek budak sebelah yang asyik lah duk buat sinopsis kan..
student universiti rasanya
samada meroyan tengok Aaron (menjerit sakan everytime Aaron keluar)
ataupun 1st time tengok teater dan taktau etika..
ganggu ketenteraman nak tengok teater okeyh!
kena sound sebijik dgn Adi.. senyap kejap je.. pastu bising balik!
*annoying lagi*
alkisahnya, tutuplah cerita Istana Budaya utk tahun 2011 ni..
jumpa lagi di tahun 2012..

p/s : hebat betul penangan si Aaron ni!
kalau Zahiril Adzim, mesti i yang meroyan dulu..

Tanpa Tajuk IV


#MostPainfulThing is seeing the person you love, love someone else.
I saw lot of love from her to him today.

But I learned..

To let things go after being holding for some time.
Not some time..
Some years..

I maybe weak today.
But I'll be the strongest woman, someday.

Love make me weak.
Thus, I decided not to involve till the day I learn that
"Love has make me strong."

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Induksi Budak Sekolah


dah lama dah event ni..
dalam bulan 9..musim raya.

budak sekolah mula2 masuk sekolah memang kena pergi induksi..
kali ni gabung semua students full time & part time AAGBS.
dah mcm Aku Adalah Geng Bas Sekolah
oh tak, it is Arshad Ayub Grad Business School

happened at Banting, near to Pantai Morib..
tapi.......kami xnampak pun pantai tu.

bertolak dari UiTM jam 3 petang Jumaat.. so half day le.
sampai around 5.30pm.. briefing and masuk rumah..

terasa tua sebab ramai full time students yang memang muda.. lam 22-23 gitu.
tapi takpe, jangan tunjuk yang kita ini tua.. buat2 muda lah! hehe.

we had fun!
main paintball, kayak, flying fox etc..
and ada persembahan.. 
high rope... gila mencabar okeyh.. gigil2 kerana gayat dan terbayang kalau jatuh mahu hancur tulang aku
some of classmates.. ada yang xdatang.
kalau masa mula2 masuk kelas cuma berkepit dgn Afiq aka Chiqie,
balik dari induction, dah geng dgn classmates!
sangat2 happy dan xmenyesal pergi induction
walaupun seminggu paha lebam sebab paintball.. 

thanks AAGBS and FBM, UiTM!

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

Secret Life Of Nora


wakakakkaka.. dah berkurun baru nak update.

tak kisahlah.. janji update.
setakat ni tak pernah miss update teater yg ditonton walaupun lewat 2 bulan.
uollss kenalah faham, i xmenyempat nak online ni..
nak update dari phone, haruslah tak reti nak upload gambar banyak2.
lagipun xpuas lah membebel kalau taip kat phone.
*dasar mak nenek*

masa pergi tengok Dreamgirls,
si Adi tu dah bagi hint macam xnak pergi tgk SLON.
heh, kalau dia xpergi, dgn sape pulak i nak pergi..
haruslah memujuk & memaksa.. hikhik.. 

and berminggu jugakler mengingatkan dia beli tiket..
pilih tarikh pun satu hal..
kang me ada class, ada test assignment bagai..
dia pulak kerja lah, holiday Hong Kong lah, balik kampung lah.. etc.
akhirnya ada jugak tarikh..kami pergi 7th October 2011.
with Melinda & fiance (skrg dah jadi suami)

after work, rushed to Menara TM..
woahhhh..rindu giler dgn Menara TM.. muahahha..
dulu, before pindah Kuantan kerap datang sbb amek Adi utk gi teater.
after 1 year plus baru datang balik..
naseb baik x jam sgt walaupun hujan di petang Jumaat..
amek Adi and off to IB for dinner & show.

collect booked ticket & lepak di lobi IB 
sementara menunggu Melinda the drama queen & Wandi.
makcik tu sampai dah almost 8.30pm.
mcm biasa, enjoy what they have in the lobby.

kali ni kitorang amek tiket murah..RM53
sbb x konfiden sgt.. hehe..
masa ktorang tgk PGL3 dulu, kitorang tak rasa best.
sbb tu mcm x konfiden dgn Enfiniti Prod ni 
ok, we were wrong!
masa nak masuk, the officer tanya if diorang upgrade our ticket
kitorang nak tak..
upgrade to stall...gila TAK NAK?
at least the view of ticket worth Rm103 is better than RM53..
turun balik to ground floor sambil tertanya-tanya dan teruja.
ahh, usah dikisahkan.. take that as a complimentary. :)

so,let's start my comment with the casts:

1) Tiara Jacquelina as Nora.. super gorgeous. lakonan dia biasa2 je.. macam dalam PGLTM
nyanyian dia makin bagus, tarian dia pun okay.

2) Ryan as Roger .. handsome seyh mamat ni.. the only malay word dia sebut ialah Cepat Sikit.
and his acting just like any other typical English actor...

3) Adibah Noor.. OMG, this super awesome & talented lady really caught my breath. setiap tindak tanduk Kak Diba dari awal cerita sampai akhir memang melucukan.. i cant stop laughing at her.
and she looks super cute bercinta dgn Tony Eusoff. besides, where on earth u can see plus size woman flying? haha...
4) Aznil Haji Nawawi the Mr J.. cuma ada on 2nd half.. macam xpuas tgk dia. kelakar sebab dia xleh sebut R so jadi Nowa, Waub, Wusia.. and BM dia kelakar.. how can u say penipu as Pentipu? haha. cuma dia mcm xlari sgt dari watak Prof Klon tu.. well, good to see him on theater stage.. a lot to improve.

5) Tony Eusoff.. i see him in Dreamgirls & Terima Kasih Cinta.. 3 theaters in a year? wow, he has a bright future in this line. sangat awesome and natural. he made a good chemistry with Adibah Noor. and yes, he can sing and dance very well.


1) Lagu & Muzik : standard musical theater kat Malaysia.. bunyi mmg lebih kurang.
tapi lagu Siapa Dia sangat sedap *siapa siapa itu yang memandang pada aku*

2) Tarian : best!! tapi lagi suka masa yang LAT tu.. and ada akrobatik bagai.. motif? xkena kut.

3) Set : sangat amat cantik. tapi sebab kerap sangat tukar set, mcm ganggu mood sikit. kejap2 tukar.

4) Ensemble : sangat banyak membantu.. they have Nadia Aqilah and Salma Mentor. itu je yg kenal, yang lain xkenal.. hehe. and diorang banyak memainkan peranan utk jadikan teater ni lebih warna warni

5) Jalan cerita : ok, i like.. tapi longgar sikit. 1st half was fine. tapi on 2nd half tu sendu semacam je. harapkan Paknil sorang je yang buat x boring. kita tahu cerita Nora Zain tu banyak aksi, so i was expecting for few spy actions. besides, Nora also was on mission.. takkan la dgn sebatang lipstick je dah terbongkar Nora tu spy? what??? nasib baik beli tiket murah.

6) Klimak cerita pun simple.. oklah kut. sebab i dengar sapa yang pergi few first show, mcm lagi haru biru endingnya. Expecting a boom ending from experienced production team.

7) Skrip & Cast adlib - suka gilak! ala2 English style gitu.

8) Wardrobe - oh man, baju2 Nora memang mengancam ah.. sangat amat cantik.. 

9) Magic touch : oklah, ada magic scene.. tak ingat dah apa.. tapi ada la few.

10) Mamat Khalid sangat bagi impak! walaupun dia xda live kat sana, tapi kemunculan yang dirakam tu yang banyak gerakkan cerita dan buat org faham kenapa Nora tu jadi agen tiba2.

basically, i had fun and enjoyed the show.

cuma tak faham kenapa Tiara Jacquelina suka ambik hero mat saleh. 
p.s : see ya at Badai Semalam.. :)

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof
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