Expectation & Stress


i've been living in a stress atmosphere for past few weeks..
maybe one and half months..
i thought the stressful condition to entertain GM's demand will be over
once the Manager came back..

my dear Manager came back on 2nd April..
i was happy to max knowing i can escape from GM
well, i was wrong..
he never stop..
and i don't have any chance to run away from him.

every day.. in a week.
nadia, can you do this..
nadia, i need that..
nadia, come over for a while
nadia, why this figure very high (or very low)..
nadia, what happen to that branch?
nadia, i need you to assist me..
nadia, this figure betul ke?
nadia, kalau u confident dgn figure ni, i take it as correct figure.. 
nadia, you check this with..
nadia itu nadia ini..
hoh, penat mak incik begini.

paling tak boleh blah..
nadia, this report prepared by Mr / Ms X, can you pls double check..
sejak bila pulak aku tukar profession jadi cikgu ni?

look at positive side,
banyak benda baru yg aku belajar.
sangat banyak..
dari sekecil2 magic of Excel sampai business decision making
how to analyze all reports that I prepared for him..
how to analyze the condition and current situation..
that require us to make decision..
the biggest thing I did for him,
preparing reports for him to present in front of management..
MD, Directors, GMs and Branch Managers.
dealing with 400,000 line items in Excel..
to convert into meaningful report.. was killing me.
it was very high level report.

my Manager and AM told me that I'm lucky.
he trust me and my work..
sometimes I feel good about that...
confident level a bit increase..
i'm aware that my knowledge about the business has expand..
i'm happy to know how the business works..
kerja pun xbosan.. sbb banyak benda baru setiap hari..
i'm stress to fulfill his expectation..
please know that I set high expectation on myself.
whenever he put his expectation at certain level,
my own expectation will go higher than that.
my main problem now is MANAGING EXPECTATION.
i'm dying managing my own expectation.

that lead me to a thought
"the stress is not worth my pay"
*pujuk diri utk bertahan demi Masters yang dikejarkan*

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof

One Moment In Time


Mohon kesabaran dalam mengejar impian dipertingkatkan.
Mohon kesukaran dan susah payah hari ini menjadi pelaburan masa depan.
Mohon kegigihan dan kecekalan ini berbaloi.

The finest day will come.
Insya ALLAH.

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