A Weird Friend of Mine


semalam i tweeted about my wardrobe that seems smaller..
or maybe because my clothes getting more and more..
blame my online shopping hormone..

and a male friend (close male friend) reply my tweet
saying i should stop shopping online..
he asked me to pass my credit card to him and stop using m2u service.
ohhoooo.. seems like somebody wanted to have my credit card.
yeah.. he can.. but he has to pay for all the outstanding credit.. hehe.

he said he doesn't mind to pay but he think i might refuse..
bcoz last time he wanted to pay for a baju kurung that i badly adore,
i refuse and say no.. clothes is something symbolic for me.
mcm bila orang bagi sepasang kain / baju for hantaran..
that kind of symbolic.. u got me?

that's when i told him my credit card not meant for clothes shopping
it is for flight ticket, petrol, hotel, etc..
i might accept his offer to pay my outstanding credit.. haha..
jangan menyesal..

then i left my phone and continue sorting out my wardrobe.
when i came back to my phone..
i saw a username and password of m2u in my whatsapp..

no joke.

he gave me his M2U username and password 
and let me pay my outstanding credit using his money.
well, i dont know how much he has in his account.
even if he wanted to prank me by giving account access
without money inside.. 
i dont think it's right for him to give it to me..
we're only friend.
it's his personal information.. and i shouldn't have it.

i reject his offer nicely.
i'm not his responsibility.
why should he pay for my spending..
yeah, it's not that much to pay..
but still, i tak suka terhutang budi..
takut tak terbalas di kemudian hari.

what kind of friend is this?
i never come across any friend like this.
if only i am the one who take things for granted..
i might have use his money happily..

kenapa dia baik sangat?
mintak apa mesti dapat.
nasib baik tau dia baik dgn semua orang mcm ni.
kalau tak, dah lama serah hati. haha.

inilah diriku : Nadia.Yusof
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