Coming Tripsss..


my sister & i planned for backpacking trip
to visit Lee Seunggi & Super Junior..
we are going in Feb14 for 10 days.
impulse buyer like me memang suka2 beli tiket
masa AA promo buy 1 free 1 tu..
so we got RM 700 for 2 pax return.. 
bought in June13..

so earlier this month, my cousin habis SPM and ajak i bercuti..
told her that i already have plan..
i will be very glad if she wants to join us..
but her sister who's gonna sit for SPM next year yg lebih excited
and so insisssttttt nak ikut..
(though have to skip class for 9 days)

after 2 weeks of discussion with their parents,
i finally bought the ticket for them..
RM 1578 for 2 pax return..
i love these two girls very much that i cant wait for the trip.
sister's trip now become cousin's trip..!

who else wanna come with us??
it's time to book for guest house and research on places to visit!

tapi sebelum tu,

I'm leaving to Adelaide this Sunday!
for 4D4N
with a blogger celebrity cum actress cum host.
will update on how I get this all-paid-for trip once I come back.
though i have to apply unpaid leave.. :)

 please anticipate on the Adelaide update as I got the trip 
with this "dYA.kAMiL" reason.

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Why Fear the Future?


i have made decision to move from my most comfortable seat in HQ..
to a messy & inconvenience yet challenging seat in the branch.

when they first asked me if i would like to move..
to a place that would change my character & who i am
i was taken aback & almost cried.

i fear of the challenge..
i worried that i cannot work it well..
and tarnish all the good impression of my work for past 5 years.

the real reason is,
i wanted to lay low of my career side..
to focus on my personal life.. 

but after a deep thought during the 4D3N Hanoi trip,
i made a decision to not bother on personal life..u know.. marriage kind of thing
ALLAH yet to send me my "jodoh" but sending me a lot of opportunity to grow
in other aspect (career) so i can be more matured
and prepared to live a life with a man..
well, my new post will make me a lady leader to 20 men in a warehouse.
(*scream*.. if i can handle 20 men, i should not have any problem with 1 man aite?)

after all, why must I fear the future?
the relationship, career, family, friends, money, joy..
i just have to work on it and assume that it holds wonderful things for me kan?

if people can trust my ability and capability
why should i doubt myself?

so true..

to be a winner, i MUST move out from my comfort zone..

insha ALLAH..let's go together.

all photos from @postitguy at
remind us of what we forget.

p/s: excited post entry sebab dah tukar layout.. hihi..
plus, it's November!

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September End


rasa nak menitik air mata terharu dengan hati yang akhirnya terbuka nak update blog.
walaupun acik, epal & stickynote duk bising2 suruh update blog,
ku biarkan saja kebisingan itu menghantui tanpa mengambil apa2 tindakan.
hoiii, dah hilang patah perkataan dah nak menaip blog.
mcm dah takde magic touch dah.
itu namanya tak ikhlas berblog ni.
ya lahh, masa mula2 buat blog ni dulu niat nak isi masa lapang
dulu2 kan hidup bagai loser sikit.
gaji ciput, nak merayap xda duit.
nak layan variety show and drama2 korea yang berlambak kat internet tu
pakai broadband je.. so data usage kena kedekut sket.
nnt tak boleh check facebook & baca blog orang.
maka hiduplah kau membuang masa di blog.
lagipun, dedulu ada facebook je.. 
nak update status atau caption gmbr pun limited characters..
kat mana lagi nak membebel kalau tak kat blog.

gaji banyak tu tidak la.. tapi ada lah peningkatan taraf hidup sikit.
dah boleh manage duit.. some for saving, some for weekend, some for vacation..
hidup pun asyik tgk kalendar je nak slot in pelbagai acara..
hujung minggu tu adalah duit sikit nak gi tgk wayang ke,
jalan-jalan kat mall, bowling or karaoke.
internet pun dah pakai unifi.. kalau data from telco company pun
dah makin murah berbanding dahulu.. 
maka banyak masa blh dihabiskan dengan surfing internet..
usha2 port untuk vacation dgn budget murah..
layan variety show & drama2 korea..
social media pun dah byk and provide all sort of services.
takat 1 event kau update gambar 20 keping kat instagram pn xda hal.
orang xkata kau loser
berbanding kau update status kat FB berkali2 dalam masa 10mins.
wei, nak membebel pergi twitter!

hah begitu perubahannya.
makanya, blog ini ku pandang sipi2 je la..
eh hari2 sign in.. tapi nak tgk blog org je lah..
itupun kalau xsibuk kat ofis.
kalau sibuk, tggu malam tgk blog orang via imotiv sajo.
dgn keadaan yg dinyatakan diatas,
mungkin patut ku lihat baliklah kenapa ku buat blog ni.
nak isi masa lapang kan niatnya.
tapi skrg masa lapang dah xberapa nak ada..
nak shut down pun agak berat rasa hati..
almaklum, kenangan hidup zaman loser agak indah jugak.. ehe..
so, bukanlah niat menghalau..
cuma.. xpayahlah korang datang sini lagi.
kesian korang.. dtg jenguk tapi entry nan adoooo.
kalau ada pun cerita luahan perasaan..
itu pun semua pasal kerja.. 
ohhh, boring kannnnn! mcm kau sorang kerja kat dunia ni.

nantilah.. tgh timbang kati lagi ni.
nak tutup ke tak..
mcm byk nak cerita..
tapi mcm malas jugak.. haha.

mungkin bulan depan pulak ku update.

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Queen of Not Giving a *HI*


a friend of mine sent me following article..
I read it and keep it.
not giving any comments.. 

but I met her last week,
she asked me if I feel something after read the article..
I said NO.. it's just another article for me..
she said, the 1st person appeared in her mind while reading the article was me.

so today, I revisit the email..
and read..
and compare to myself.
I have to agree.. not to 100% 
perhaps 70%?

ok, i'll let you read and judge ok.

The One Who Cares Less
JUL. 28, 2013 By KOVIE BIAKOLO        
I’ve often heard that people only start wanting you when they think that you don’t want them. It’s true; I’ve lived by it. Whether its business or friendships or especially romantic relationships, the person who cares less always seems to be the person who has the most power. At least that’s what it might feel like for the person that cares more. But I question whether this is true or not.

I have been called the, “queen of not giving a shit.” One of my many talents is that I am really good at both not actually caring, as well as acting like I don’t care. Just yesterday, some girlfriends and I were talking about boys and I quoted Almost Famous as my romance mantra, “If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt.” And it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ultimately come off as cynical about relationships. People think it stems from really not caring; on the contrary, it stems from the fear of caring too much.

I know how to be the person who doesn’t text back, who doesn’t call back, who waits for the guy to make the first move, and who acts like I couldn’t care less whether he does or he doesn’t. Being this person comes natural to me because I have convinced myself that being the other person comes with too much potential damage. And I do think to an extent it does. I may never have truly had my heart broken, but I’ve known people who have; I’ve been there for them. And that shit isn’t fun. It’s depressing and devastating and oftentimes a really long journey to returning to being okay.

But the thing is I think people who put themselves out there; people who let you know they care a lot – I think that they have the right idea. I think the human heart especially when it’s young, is really resilient. I think that the journey to being okay when one’s heart has been broken is a journey that is usually worth facing even when love hasn’t done what you wanted. But when you’re the one who cares less, who apparently doesn’t care at all, you’ll go never go on this journey because you’ll convince yourself that you don’t need to. You convince yourself that youre fine even when you’re not.

What people don’t seem to realize about the person who cares less or acts like they care less is that they’re usually the one who ends up being hurt the most. It is human to want love and to want to be taken care of and to want to take care of someone else. To deny that, is simply to deny one’s humanity. Being the “queen of not giving a shit” doesn’t make one healthier or stronger or wiser or cooler or even happier. It just makes you feel less human. It makes you feel, less and less.

When it’s all said and done, even people who are perfectly lonely and perfectly alone – still need their person. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a good friend, a loyal family member – everybody needs a person. And the truth is if you act like you don’t care enough, people will eventually start to believe you. So if you feel like you care too much or feel too much or love too much, remember that the alternative is worse. We should all try to seek balance because virtue is that middle ground between any two extremes. But when it comes to love, I don’t know if there is such a thing as loving too much or showing that you love too much. And if there is, I think it’s commendable; not something to be ashamed of. Because if you don’t tell people and show people that you do care, that you do have feelings for them, that you do love them, how the hell are they supposed to know?
So I suppose you can go through life thinking that eventually someone will break down all the walls that you’ve put up, because you don’t want anyone to know how much you can care; how much you can love. But life is short and people are busy. And maybe when the right person comes along, maybe they’ll see right through you. Maybe. But if you keep telling yourself that you don’t care, maybe you’ll also start believing it and you won’t even be able to see your person when you find them. So get out while you can and start giving a shit; and if your heart breaks, let it break. Because it’ll be okay. You will be okay. TC! 
 p/s: I have to agree in "queen of not giving a shit" when it comes to something to do with heart.

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How ambitious I am?


I never know how ambitious I am..
In my mind.. i only have 2 options i want in my life
a) getting maried to a reliable man, resign and be a housewife
(sounds strange i know..contradict to my personality)
b) working & earn money just enough for me to live my life, pay
debts as well as going for holiday 3 times a year..

That's all i want in my life.
I think, that's all I want in my life..

However, the news I received from HR yesterday
Change the way I see myself..
I guess I perceived it wrongly..
Maybe I put it that way just to ensure that I did not get hurt.

I have to admit that..


I failed to go through 3rd level of assessment of talent pool.
Well, i knew I cant make it after the exam.
It was very difficult and the structure was an alien to me.
But I still hope that i can pass it, at least with minimum score.

Part of my heart was broken as I wanted to pace up my career.
While, the other part said that it's a grateful I didn't make it.
If I pass the assessment, I have to go through another tougher assesment & interview.
Which will give me more pressure, stress & hope.

All I did yesterday was convinced myself that this is the best for me.
I just finished my Masters, I had enough of pressure.
I deserves a break and enjoy what life will offer to me.
I'm young.. And still have a long way to go.

Wait a minute.
That was yesterday. Before I watch The Apprentice Asia episode 9.
In the episode, the apprentice candidates had interviews with 3 CEOs.
CEO of Air Asia, General Electric and Westport.
I was amazed by the interview questions thrown to the candidates.
It was an awe for me when they explain their interpretation of the candidate's answers.
Wow! I will never pass the interview, I guess.
But, I want to have that experience.
I want to go through that process.
By myself.
By my capability & ability.

A secret, I downloaded the TAA form last year.
But I did not submit the form.
I guess I wasn't ready for that.
And I was right.
I cant even pass the talent pool assesment.
How will I pass the hardest interview in life in TAA?

Well, I should not be too ambitious right?

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Langsung Dari Library


morning everyone.
eh, kalau korang baca morning time ler..
hari ni awal pagi i dah bersiap keluar rumah..
miracle sungguh dengan kerajinan bangun pagi di hari cuti..

and here i am..
updating my blog at library..
jap nak ingat when was the last time i masuk library..
hurmmmm, cant recall..
ada kut masa final year degree dulu..
sbb pergi pinjam buku utk buat thesis.. itu je lah pun.
masuk library, cari buku, pinjam, chiow...
nak harap duk dalam library mmg kirim salam la.

sebenarnya ada discussion utk final year project..
teammate kita 1st time suggest library..
selalu mesti jumpa kat kopitiam.. 
makan bincang pastu balik..
kita ada sebulan lebih je lagi awak nak habiskan belajar..
uiiihhh saat2 macam ni lah sgt terasa keazabannya..
dek kerana dah tak sampai sebulan nak present
dan ada 2 minggu je lagi nak kena antar 1st draft for report..
marilah kita ke tempat yg xperlu makan..
supaya tak terganggu sangat proses perbincangan.

 langsung dari bilik beku,
Perpustakaan Tun Raja Uda,
Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah,
Seksyen 13 Shah Alam..

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My Crazy Boss


what a very long day today.
spent 3 hours in the morning from 9am to 12pm
with my boss.. finalizing the figure of monthly report..
and 1 1/2 hour in the evening.. suppose to discuss on outcome of the audit.
tapi.... end up discussing something else..
what a crazy boss!

he will look for me and being nice 
only once in every 3 months.
because of the branch review.. gosh!
i have to sit down with him, discussing & finalizing things..
and preparing reportssssss for him.
i would say i am his personal business development executive.
even my job role is inventory management & warehouse operation
nak pergi branch review, pergi je lahh..
usahlah kau bebankan kepala hotak akak nak find out
if reports prepared by others itu betul ke tak.

3 hours!
sitting in front of him..
giving input when necessary..
well, most of the time he will talk to himself..
bila apa yang dia cakap tu xbetul, baru i betulkan..
or if dia not sure, so i akan confirmkan..
bila dia call branches, i duduk diam2 dengar perbualan diorang.
bila dia discuss dgn orang lain pun, i kena duduk situ dan dengar.
bila orang lain dah habis discuss and nak keluar, i cepat2 angkat kaki nak keluar sama..
terus kena sound..
"eh cik kak nak pergi mana.. u belum habis"
bossssss, i can finish all my reports with that 3 hours ok!

he set another appointment with me..
to discuss on the audit we did months ago..
gosshh, setiap minggu postpone the discussion..
hari ni akhirnya ada peluang..
tapi peluang itu.. Ya ALLAH..
dia sia2kan dgn discuss benda lain.
end up postpone lagi discussion audit tu.. grrr!
he wants me to do something else.. in next financial year
which gave me a strong reason to say NO to transfer to branches.
it's something new to put in my plate.
embedded black belt.
should i say GTH? haha..
oklah, he asked me to think about it..
so i told him i'll give a thought.. means i have option to say No.
"i didn't give you that option".. he said
i laughed.. 
tapi dalam hati..
either NO to Black Belt or Yes to Resignation.
now contemplating.. fikir alasan utk cakap NO.
or mungkin i should think of syarat yg patut i bagi
if he insist utk i buat BB.

in a way i rasa dia faham my character..
cepat bosan dgn perkara sama..
so he try his best to give different thing to me..
no, he actually added new thing in my plate
because i still have to do other routines.
so sebenarnya dia cuba ambil kesempatan on my "excitement"
about new things.. haha.. i guess so.

kadang2 i rasa dia mcm gossshhhh, why I have this crazy bosss??
tapi kadang2 rasa bagus jugak boss aku ni..
seeeee, that kind of love-hate feeling to work with him.
cuma one thing yang I sedar, 
my career grown well.
he really push me to the limit,
throw all the challenges..
and make me pat my back.. haha.

I complaint a lot about him..
I give hard comment to him..
I tease him harshly..
and he received in smile..
sometimes return it back to me..
I think he is the best boss I ever had..

syukur sekarang.. walau salary pay like s**t!

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ALLAH Knows Best


My bestfriend told me that "HIM", from my past, getting engaged.
To the girl that made me went away from him.
(i dont friend with the girl in FB, my bff did)

HE is:

The one that I still hold in my heart for few years after completing my degree.
The one that I hope someday, fate and time will brought "HIM" to me.
The one that I let go when I start to dream higher.
The one that I don't bother anymore after I climb up my career.

I'm happy for him & his fiancee.
I know he pray for my happiness too.

Well, this is the best for him. His fiancee. And for me.

Tg Aru. 2013.

p/s: curi lihat gambar pertunangan mereka di FB si gadis melalui FB seorang teman.
moga kekal ke syurga ya wahai kamu & si dia yg disunting.

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Kita Mengomel


oh, kita rindu nak blogging!
banyaknya nak update.
tapi.. company block hokey.
kat rumah malas nak on laptop..
lagi2 sekarang tgh cuti sekolah..
hiiiii lagi lah malas nak mengadap laptop tu.

baru masuk bulan 2 kan..
tapi kita dah buat 2 aktiviti mencabar tahun ni..
best2.. nanti kita update cerita Skytrex and Water Rafting tu eh.
itupun kalau kita rajin upload gambar dan menaip..
sangat superbusy sekarang ni..
tapi sbb teringin sgt nak update cerita.
sembang kosong sikitlah kat sini eh.

bulan lepas jugak pergi holiday kat KK..
dgn kawan2 master..
siap bertema bagai.. gambar supercantek.
itupun kalau rajin baru kita update okeyh.

ohh result sem 3 dah keluar.. ahaaa..
oklah.. not bad. takdalah se'best' masa sem 2 tu..
tapi masih se'best' sem 1.. sama pointer sem 1.
sangat bersyukur..
sebab tau sgt kemalasan diri sendiri sem lepas.. 
super duper malas sampai tahap malas nak layan. haha.
ini sem 4 dah nak mula lagi 2 minggu.. aigoo
tak puas nak cuti!!!

Jumaat ni nak pergi interview utk final project.
hari tu bgtau boss nak cuti..
sbb nak gi interview..
tanjat dia.. haha..
come on la boss, kalau nak gi interview kerja, iols tak state kat leave application ler.
iols bagi surat resign je.. hihi.
nervous nih nak gi interview.. kat PNS.

kerja.. mcm nak giler pun ada ni.
setiap khamis ada teleconference dgn sister company di Australie, China, HK & Spore.
Manager dah kena pinjam to other project dept.
maka yg kurus kering ni lah menanggung segala kerja.. superbosaannn
belum lg adhoc outstation ke apa ke..
hah, yg Manager tu.. kerja dia kat dept lain tu pun kdg2 suruh kita buat.
tensi ahkak tensiiii..
kerja dia kat our dept ni toksah cakap la..
kira lepas tangan la.. 
menangis air mata darah la ahkak lepas ni.
nak MC pun fikir panjang. 
workaholic kan ahkak.. duuhhh *tddmka*

eh, dah pukul 7 malam..
nak balik lah.
hari ni ada audit.. esok ada audit lagi.. next week pun audit jugak..
following week training.. bosannnnn!
 nanti kalau kita bosan, kita datang mengomel kat sini lagi..

p/s: siapa yg nakal sorok wedges kita masa kita tukar pakai safety shoe tadi??
siap dia, esok kereta baru dia yg ala2 lancer tu kita nak lelong!

inilah diriku: Nadia.Yusof  



belek-belek draf jumpa entri lama terlupa nak publish..
Gambar sajo yg dah lama masukkan..

Ini tahun lepas..awal December 2012.

Company kedekut nak keluar bajet marketing mmg camni..
Dah berbelas tahun xda event open day,
Inilah dibuatnya CIEX ni..
Bagi peluang org awam dan customer dtg kenal kita dgn lebih dekat.

Before the real event, diorg nak test dulu la..
So bagi staff bawak family dtg berjimba panjat2 tractors.

Sebab Director dh sound all execs wajib dtg
Itu yg paksa adik2 ikut..
bawak dua orang adik je..
yang sorang si Khairi duk Alam Shah tu cuti sekolah..
si Ajie pulak terbang pergi Korea.. pergh pergh.. sentap tak ajak hakak!

susunan hydraulic excavator

lupa apa nama benda ni.. haha
skid steer loader kut..
kita xjual machine.. kita jual spare part..
so mcm payah nak ingat benda alah pelik2 cenggini.

nak try jugekkk...

selain jual new machine, kita ada rental jugak..
xmahal sangat la..

ini rotary mixer.. xtau ler ada ke tak population benda alah ni di Malaysia.
mcm xpernah ku nampak..

ini asphalt paver.. 
*gigih kenalkan machine macamkan marketing dah*

haaaa.. favorite machine.. Off highway truck!
suka giler sebab dia besar..
pastu nampak dia mcm blh bertukar jadi transformer..

tayar pun dah sama tinggi dgn orang.. acane tu?

besar tak besar tak??

kita nak panjat!
tapi masa pergi trial run day tu.. diorang xbagi panjat.
sbb lum ada safety preparation lagi..
cehh.. kata trial.. kena lah perfect mcm real day.

sample usage of CAT machine in a mining site

miniature tu sgt best kuttt..
geram tgk sebab cute.
tapi mahal..okbai.

haha.. lagi sekeping favorite toy

ajak rakan2 dan ahli keluarga lain..
tapi Zera je datang..
dia pun penggemar off highway truck tu..

ha.. bila Zera datang dgn DLSR dia.. faham2 je lah eh.
mari photoshoot ala Tractors Next Top Model.

mencuba HEX..ok tak..pose je. foyos!

masa real open day to the customer.. iols tak involve..
sebab masa tu GM was away to Liberia..
and Manager cuti panjang..
so bosses tak bagi involve la.. sbb kena jaga kedai.
tapii.. biasala orang xpuas hati kata dept kami x support.
duhhh whatever!
malas nak layan.. walaupun ada yg budi bahasa "baik" sgt..
"org suruh dtg duty kata xda masa la, sibuk la.. tapi blh pulak datang event"
ohhhmyyyy.. kalau Director tak suruh, xhingin la nk dtg!

tapi sebab orang duk cerita best sgt merchandise CAT supercheap..
pergi jugakla on the last day tu..
beli iphone case.. murahan dan sgt quality..
selalu beli case iphone max 2 bulan je pakai dah lunyai..
yang ni kemas giler.. dah dkt 3 bulan guna.. masih kelihatan baru.
CAT quality. ecewah!

sbb datang on last day tu, mari panjat machine kegemaran.

walaupun dgn formal shirt, slack & wedges.. haha.

sape tgk Skyfall movie mesti perasan action guna CAT machine..
so ada 1 corner utk Skyfall jugak.

yeayyy.. berjaya panjat walau dalam kegayatan!

cik abang tu tiap2 hari naik truck ni..
cik gadis and cik2 puan tu 1st time panjat.

ok, puas dapat panjat!


ini asyik order spare part and manage inventory for the machine je..
tgk pun dari kejauhan saja..
sesekali kitapun nak jugak pegang and cuba the machine.

inilah diriku: Nadia.Yusof

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