My Crazy Boss


what a very long day today.
spent 3 hours in the morning from 9am to 12pm
with my boss.. finalizing the figure of monthly report..
and 1 1/2 hour in the evening.. suppose to discuss on outcome of the audit.
tapi.... end up discussing something else..
what a crazy boss!

he will look for me and being nice 
only once in every 3 months.
because of the branch review.. gosh!
i have to sit down with him, discussing & finalizing things..
and preparing reportssssss for him.
i would say i am his personal business development executive.
even my job role is inventory management & warehouse operation
nak pergi branch review, pergi je lahh..
usahlah kau bebankan kepala hotak akak nak find out
if reports prepared by others itu betul ke tak.

3 hours!
sitting in front of him..
giving input when necessary..
well, most of the time he will talk to himself..
bila apa yang dia cakap tu xbetul, baru i betulkan..
or if dia not sure, so i akan confirmkan..
bila dia call branches, i duduk diam2 dengar perbualan diorang.
bila dia discuss dgn orang lain pun, i kena duduk situ dan dengar.
bila orang lain dah habis discuss and nak keluar, i cepat2 angkat kaki nak keluar sama..
terus kena sound..
"eh cik kak nak pergi mana.. u belum habis"
bossssss, i can finish all my reports with that 3 hours ok!

he set another appointment with me..
to discuss on the audit we did months ago..
gosshh, setiap minggu postpone the discussion..
hari ni akhirnya ada peluang..
tapi peluang itu.. Ya ALLAH..
dia sia2kan dgn discuss benda lain.
end up postpone lagi discussion audit tu.. grrr!
he wants me to do something else.. in next financial year
which gave me a strong reason to say NO to transfer to branches.
it's something new to put in my plate.
embedded black belt.
should i say GTH? haha..
oklah, he asked me to think about it..
so i told him i'll give a thought.. means i have option to say No.
"i didn't give you that option".. he said
i laughed.. 
tapi dalam hati..
either NO to Black Belt or Yes to Resignation.
now contemplating.. fikir alasan utk cakap NO.
or mungkin i should think of syarat yg patut i bagi
if he insist utk i buat BB.

in a way i rasa dia faham my character..
cepat bosan dgn perkara sama..
so he try his best to give different thing to me..
no, he actually added new thing in my plate
because i still have to do other routines.
so sebenarnya dia cuba ambil kesempatan on my "excitement"
about new things.. haha.. i guess so.

kadang2 i rasa dia mcm gossshhhh, why I have this crazy bosss??
tapi kadang2 rasa bagus jugak boss aku ni..
seeeee, that kind of love-hate feeling to work with him.
cuma one thing yang I sedar, 
my career grown well.
he really push me to the limit,
throw all the challenges..
and make me pat my back.. haha.

I complaint a lot about him..
I give hard comment to him..
I tease him harshly..
and he received in smile..
sometimes return it back to me..
I think he is the best boss I ever had..

syukur sekarang.. walau salary pay like s**t!

inilah diriku: Nadia.Yusof

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