How ambitious I am?


I never know how ambitious I am..
In my mind.. i only have 2 options i want in my life
a) getting maried to a reliable man, resign and be a housewife
(sounds strange i know..contradict to my personality)
b) working & earn money just enough for me to live my life, pay
debts as well as going for holiday 3 times a year..

That's all i want in my life.
I think, that's all I want in my life..

However, the news I received from HR yesterday
Change the way I see myself..
I guess I perceived it wrongly..
Maybe I put it that way just to ensure that I did not get hurt.

I have to admit that..


I failed to go through 3rd level of assessment of talent pool.
Well, i knew I cant make it after the exam.
It was very difficult and the structure was an alien to me.
But I still hope that i can pass it, at least with minimum score.

Part of my heart was broken as I wanted to pace up my career.
While, the other part said that it's a grateful I didn't make it.
If I pass the assessment, I have to go through another tougher assesment & interview.
Which will give me more pressure, stress & hope.

All I did yesterday was convinced myself that this is the best for me.
I just finished my Masters, I had enough of pressure.
I deserves a break and enjoy what life will offer to me.
I'm young.. And still have a long way to go.

Wait a minute.
That was yesterday. Before I watch The Apprentice Asia episode 9.
In the episode, the apprentice candidates had interviews with 3 CEOs.
CEO of Air Asia, General Electric and Westport.
I was amazed by the interview questions thrown to the candidates.
It was an awe for me when they explain their interpretation of the candidate's answers.
Wow! I will never pass the interview, I guess.
But, I want to have that experience.
I want to go through that process.
By myself.
By my capability & ability.

A secret, I downloaded the TAA form last year.
But I did not submit the form.
I guess I wasn't ready for that.
And I was right.
I cant even pass the talent pool assesment.
How will I pass the hardest interview in life in TAA?

Well, I should not be too ambitious right?

inilah diriku: Nadia.Yusof
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