Why Fear the Future?


i have made decision to move from my most comfortable seat in HQ..
to a messy & inconvenience yet challenging seat in the branch.

when they first asked me if i would like to move..
to a place that would change my character & who i am
i was taken aback & almost cried.

i fear of the challenge..
i worried that i cannot work it well..
and tarnish all the good impression of my work for past 5 years.

the real reason is,
i wanted to lay low of my career side..
to focus on my personal life.. 

but after a deep thought during the 4D3N Hanoi trip,
i made a decision to not bother on personal life..u know.. marriage kind of thing
ALLAH yet to send me my "jodoh" but sending me a lot of opportunity to grow
in other aspect (career) so i can be more matured
and prepared to live a life with a man..
well, my new post will make me a lady leader to 20 men in a warehouse.
(*scream*.. if i can handle 20 men, i should not have any problem with 1 man aite?)

after all, why must I fear the future?
the relationship, career, family, friends, money, joy..
i just have to work on it and assume that it holds wonderful things for me kan?

if people can trust my ability and capability
why should i doubt myself?

so true..

to be a winner, i MUST move out from my comfort zone..

insha ALLAH..let's go together.

all photos from @postitguy at thingsweforget.blogspot.com
remind us of what we forget.

p/s: excited post entry sebab dah tukar layout.. hihi..
plus, it's November!

inilah diriku: Nadia.Yusof
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