Coming Tripsss..


my sister & i planned for backpacking trip
to visit Lee Seunggi & Super Junior..
we are going in Feb14 for 10 days.
impulse buyer like me memang suka2 beli tiket
masa AA promo buy 1 free 1 tu..
so we got RM 700 for 2 pax return.. 
bought in June13..

so earlier this month, my cousin habis SPM and ajak i bercuti..
told her that i already have plan..
i will be very glad if she wants to join us..
but her sister who's gonna sit for SPM next year yg lebih excited
and so insisssttttt nak ikut..
(though have to skip class for 9 days)

after 2 weeks of discussion with their parents,
i finally bought the ticket for them..
RM 1578 for 2 pax return..
i love these two girls very much that i cant wait for the trip.
sister's trip now become cousin's trip..!

who else wanna come with us??
it's time to book for guest house and research on places to visit!

tapi sebelum tu,

I'm leaving to Adelaide this Sunday!
for 4D4N
with a blogger celebrity cum actress cum host.
will update on how I get this all-paid-for trip once I come back.
though i have to apply unpaid leave.. :)

 please anticipate on the Adelaide update as I got the trip 
with this "dYA.kAMiL" reason.

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